Certified Spanish Interpreter

Helen Palmer, the founder and principal of Watermark Interpreting, is a federally certified Spanish interpreter in Los Angeles. She forms part of a select group of approximately 1,000 Spanish interpreters who are so certified by the United States. Ms. Palmer is also certified by the California Judicial Council, and has been a practicing litigation attorney and member in good standing of the California State Bar since graduating from the University of Southern California Law School in 1992.

Ms. Palmer's extensive and varied background as a litigation attorney uniquely qualifies her to appreciate the heightened significance of word choices in the legal setting. Since she earned certification from the U.C.L.A. Spanish Interpretation and Translation Program, she has interpreted in numerous civil and criminal legal arenas as a Spanish interpreter in Los Angeles, including:

  • Attorney / Client Meetings
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Immigration Hearings
  • Mediation / Arbitration
  • Court Proceedings (Law & Motion)
  • Deposition
  • Trial
  • Conference Interpreting
  • Worker's Compensation

As a leader in California interpretation services, Ms. Palmer also translates documents for submission to California courts, as well documents for use in the workplace such as employee manuals, promotional materials and commercial documents.

Watermark Interpreting is headquartered in Century City, and provides California interpretation services to the entire Southern California market. If you are in need of a certified Spanish interpreter in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, please contact us at your convenience for availability and rate quotes.