Certified Spanish Interpreter

Watermark Interpreting is a Los Angeles interpretation service that will provide a California certified interpreter for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, as well as translation in several different arenas.

  • Depositions
  • Mediations/Arbitrations/Settlement Conferences
  • Witness Preparation
  • Law and Motion Hearings (both civil and criminal)
  • Simulcast for Television
  • Simultaneous Interpretation of Meetings (employees, board members, community groups, etc.)
  • Conferences
  • Medical Appointments
  • Employee Training Seminars and/or Workshops
  • Employee Manual Translations
  • Escort Work for Both Local and International Projects
  • Immigration Hearings and Certified Translation of Supporting Materials
  • Trial
  • Many Other Events and Venues as Requested

As differentiated from the majority of CA interpreters, Watermark Interpreting is legally qualified to provide California interpretation services in federal jurisdictions as well as all California forums. If you are in need of a Los Angeles interpretation service, please contact us at your convenience at our headquarters in Century City for availability and rate quotes.